StarFleet Command » Omega Directive


Starfleet Captains and/or Federation Flag Officers are obligated to ensure the continuing safety of the alpha quadrant from the Omega threat. To this end, whenever a Federation Starships sensors positively determine the presence Omega particles within a ship’s vicinity, it will automatically enter “Omega Mode.” Doing so locks out all navigation, sensor, tactical and propulsion systems. Only the ship’s Captain, or a Federation Flag Officer can release the Omega lockout.
Access to sensor data retrieved on the Omega effect is limited to Clearance Level 10 ( Captain or, higher ). When the presence of Omega particles has been verified, the ship’s captain must contact Starfleet Command immediately on a secured priority 1 channel. If Starfleet Command cannot be contacted for any reason, All previous orders are rescinded and, the destruction of the Omega particles becomes the top priority until such time as the threat is neutralized. No information concerning the omega directive is to be relayed to the ship’s crew under any circumstances.
The prime directive may be disregarded during such a mission, if necessary. If violation of the prime directive is even minimally anticipated, it is authorized and, advised. However, blatant abuse of this power will be prosecuted to the fullest extent by court martial under Starfleet regulations and, Federation law.
There is to be no computer record made of the sensor logs during the mission. The Captain’s Personal and, ships log recorded during the mission must be either encrypted or, deleted from the computer upon completion of the mission.